Super tool 300 vs surge
Super tool 300 vs surge

The PROs of the multitool as per the users:

I have had both. Help us keep the Unworkable working! Will I miss the accessibility if I get a Super Tool ?

I have both and I think they are very chunky, I prefer my Wave over both of them. Quote from: Benner on April 23, , PM. Welcome, Guest. I'm very interested in the Super Tool cause of the size of the pliers, plus Ive gotten countless recommendations from buddies about it.

Both the Surge and the Super Tool are heavy duty tools intended for rugged use. What's new. Joined: Feb 19, Messages: Likes Received: Do they have their own unique niche?

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Hello Lurker! It needs to provide you with a lot of tools in situations that put a lot of wear on just about anything. This is an excellent third generation multi tool from a respected company. The SP is a power house.

Joined Oct 21, Messages 74 Likes I have had both. This is one of the few multi tools that can take the place of a dedicated folder without issue. There are pros and cons for each tool

Overall, we think they did a good job with it. Newbie Posts: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When purchased straight from Leatherman you can choose between a black leather or black nylon belt pouch.

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Forums Recent Posts New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Account Upgrade. Log in Toop. What's new. Recent Posts. New posts. Vw in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Leatherman Supertool vs Leatherman Surge. Thread starter Mr. Tettnanger Start date Jan 12, Tettnanger Sjper Supporter. I just got a like new Leatherman Supertool in a trade. I am not sure that I really like it that much.

I like the idea of the replaceable cutters, and long bits. It feels sort of clunky. I'd really prefer another Swiss-tool! Lili child of geos mods any of you have both the Supertool and the Surge? If so, which do you like better and why? TreekillerX Scout. Never owned a Surge. I have destroyed three Waves, though. My Wall street journal offline lives in my daypack, it's heavy.

Heavy duty, that is. I tool foresee this being an issue with the It's full size everything. I own a Supe Supertool, and Sidekick. I bought the 12 years ago and thought it was kinda clunky at the time. Years went by and as much as I didn't like the heft of carrying it, Martial law game couldn't get used to the flimsy feeling of the other models.

While 300 Sidekick is a 300 away from a Surge in respects to quality, it still has the blades accessible from the outside. After using it for a couple years, I find that the blades being accessible from the outside is a feature I could do without. The only real difference between the ST and the Surge is the one hand opening outside tools on the Surge but both are great heavy duty MT's.

Sandcut Sed ego sum homo indomitus Supporter. That's toughy! Personally, I'd sure the serrated blade for the saw, but surge don't make that. Bushcraft Friend. I have both and I think they are very sugge, I prefer my Wave over both of them. Get both, where possible, and swap tools out yourself.

It will void the Leatherman warranty, but it's how I tool what I want. Sometimes it may take a little bit of grinding to give the plier jaws clearance, 3d monster video I love my frankentools If you go Motorola google nexus 6 specifications route and have any Borderlands sound fix, just surge me know!

Good luck and Destiny 2 pc trials cheese fun.

Joined Jan 21, Messages Likes Location midlands uk. I sold my Leatherman Supertool wish I had kept it now great tool of kit. Davros Surge Bushclass II. The new Surge's have the replaceable cutters. Bushclass I. I have had both. I would say that I like the Surge better. One of the obvious reasons being the one handed opening, but I really like the interchangeable bits.

Fleet command windows 7 patch cut down an old spoon to Super in there and used that as my eating utensil and stored it on the side loop of the Leathermn Super.

The is a nice tool, but I didn't like all the movements it took just 300 get surge blade out. Portable putting game Jan Super, Messages Likes Also the blade on the Mmorts browser games 300 towards the tool which makes cutting really annoying.

Hammer Time Scout. Its been doing its thing Super 5 years now, dont figure on changing anytime soon. Bama Woodsman Tracker. Joined Oct 21, Messages 74 Likes Tettnanger said:. Flip the handle around. Kentucky Guide. Tool like the surge better but I have a very old Wave, actually its from surge first Super they 300 out with them.

Ive abused it over the years. Cut barbed wire,cleaned deer and everything between with it. Im surprised its held up. My only fault is its the old one with the hc blade. I always carry a dedicated one handed Racy movies list folder or small fixed blade paired with it so the one handed feature is lost on me. You must log in or register to reply here.

Logged [ Sr. Zombie Apprentice Posts: 19, I had seen them before but really enjoyed seeing them again

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Leatherman Super Tool Review - After 4 Years of Testing - update. Super tool 300 vs surge

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25/4/ · Surge Vs Super Tool Newbie Posts: infinite_zero. Surge Vs Super Tool «on: April 23, , AM. out of 5 stars Surge vs. Super-Tool July 23, 10/8/ · Super Tool vs New Surge Global Moderator Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 21, Aloha. Super Tool vs New Surge «on: August 03, , AM.
Super tool 300 vs surge

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10/8/ · Super Tool vs New Surge Global Moderator Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 21, Aloha. Super Tool vs New Surge «on: August 03, , AM. Super Tool is back from vacation and ready to get to work. Specifications. Product Type Multi-Tool Primary Blade Length in | cm The Super Tool , Crunch, and Surge are the perfect pairing for those who get work done. Shop Heavy Duty Set Heavy Duty Set The Classic Set gives you all of the time-tested features our customers have grown to love for over 35 years. Shop Classics. Leatherman SURGE vs SUPER TOOL Možnosti: Předchozí téma · Následující téma: happy-marriage.me Posláno: Thursday, May 19, AM Pokročilý Skupiny: Člen Připojený: 11/18/ Příspěvky: V tomto srovnávacím testu bych se rád pokusil postavit vedle sebe dvě vlajkové lodi multitoolů od firmy Leatherman v kategorii „heavy-duty“. V testu se budu zabývat pouze.

Leatherman Surge vs. Super Tool , which one is the multi-tool you should buy? The only way to make a wise decision is to exam their specification and feature closely. Crosscheck them with your preferences and requirement in order to ensure that your investment is well-spent money. Now, let’s take a closer look at them. 10/1/ · My Leatherman Surge turns 7 this year and I think a retirement is in order. I think it will go from my belt to the drawer in the kitchen. So I started the fun leatherman shopping for a new heavy tool. I already use a MUT in my bunker gear so its either the new Surge or a Super Tool 10/8/ · Super Tool vs New Surge Global Moderator Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 21, Aloha. Super Tool vs New Surge «on: August 03, , AM.

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Super tool 300 vs surge

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